music enriches our lives   we must give this gift to our children   they are fountains of creativity   let it flow

Some things can’t be put into words.

The kid who stares at me from afar and when I smile they give a little wave.  The kid who points me out to their mom in the grocery store.  Kids running up to tell me which song on the CD is their favorite.  And I never get sick of hearing Kids Rock is their favorite.

The Northern California Children’s Librarian review-Lead parents and teachers to this CD.  It is one they can listen too even when the kids aren’t in the car. Mulcahy’s vocals are clear as a bell. review-full of warmth, heart and spirit

From the Kids

Dear Ms. Mulcahy,  I truly wanted to give you a thank you card for all the joy you brought to this class.  Once you step in, the place turns into a wonderland.  Also, now since you, there’s a whole new meaning to music.  I’m pretty sure that you changed kids favorite subject to music.  Even in third grade, you worked the same miracle of music.  By the way, how do you make the songs sound so good.  You are my favorite part of school.  Thank you so so so so so so soooooo much again.

Dear Ms. Mulcahy,  Thank you so much for coming into our classroom and making new songs with us.  The way you have taught us how to make a new song was great.  The tune you made with the words is great.  Every time I hear that you are going to come in our classroom, I feel excited.  I always enjoy singing and making songs with you.

And the Parents say...

My son kept pestering me to buy your CD.  I finally did.  What was I waiting for?  The lyrics, they are great.  We all love it.

I listen to Kids Rock every morning on the way to work.  Welcome to the World is a great way to start the day.

Wonderful songs, really wonderful.  I liked Give Some Back, A Page From Your Book and Kids Rock.  Actually I liked them all but these three are my favorites.  We listened all the way home and now we listen at home.  Thank you, thank you for this joyous music.

I can’t believe what amazing work you did with those kids!!!  Thank you for sharing it with us.  Everybody loves it.  The kids know all your songs by heart (and I can sing them in my sleep!)

It’s great to know there is still some wonderful, positive music out there to share with children of today, not to mention those of us who are still young at heart, like myself.  I’m not sure which is my favorite but Go Out Walking has been sticking in my mind all day, so that could be the one.

I’m definitely looking forward to sharing this CD.  Thank you for sharing the “MIRACLE OF MUSIC”

And the Educators say...

Marg Rechif-veteran teacher

Imagine a room of sparkly-eyed nine-year olds who watch as their ideas and words are taken seriously and transformed into songs ("Took a Page from Your Book" and "California or Bust") by a master songwriter with a clear resonant voice and a professional backup! Imagine then that they're YOUR students and you have watched the whole process firsthand, even the most reticent child participating in a once-in-a-lifetime creative experience designed to reach out to a world much larger than themselves.

Steve Peck-Principal

Tami Mulcahy fills a void in song writing for young people, striking a balance between the sweet songs of childhood and the pop culture older students find appealing. Her CD comes at a time when we can all use the advice in "Welcome to the World" -- "take a look around, see what you can see when you just slow down." I just wish more schools could have the experience of song writing with a real artist. Congratulations, Tami.

George Manthey-Admininstrator

Kids Rock shows what kids and a talented musician can create together.  It would be a great world if we would all follow the advice in Give Some Back. This CD is a joy. It captures the spirit of children without being childish. As a former principal it makes me wish I was back at a school where I could get kids singing with a creative musician. The songs on this CD speak volumes about what can happen with such a mix.

State PTA president

Mr. Peck was so gracious in sharing your CD with me. I love it.  Both my daughter (13) and I have really enjoyed listening to the music while driving around after school.  My two favorites are Kids Rock and In Good Faith with Just a Kiss right behind.  Including the kids in such a wonderful, creative effort was just terrific!!

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